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From 5th April we will no longer be using the Vax Passports. All are welcome.


The Traffic Light System is set to come into effect as of Friday December 3rd 2021

What does this mean for your visits to The Villa?

As of December 3rd, unfortunately to follow the government guidelines we will only be able to allow double vaccinated clients into the clinic for treatments. We will require everyone to scan their vaccine pass upon entering the clinic or showing us your vaccination certificate. We have to do this to be able to open, otherwise we would have to be shut in orange and red with no financial support from the government, or face a $15k fine.

All therapists will be double vaccinated.

This certainly isn’t a decision made easily- please know that we are extremely sorry to be enforcing this as we value & respect ALL of our clients no matter their personal decisions!

We are also still trying to iron out the finer details of the new system so we will be sure to you keep you updated as we go forward.

If you have an appointment booked & will not have had both vaccinations by the 3rd, please make contact with us.

Thank you so much for understanding

The Villa Team

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