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villa classic | 45mins $80

Perfect pick me up facial for those on the go. 

The skin is deep cleansed, exfoliated and mask is applied. 

While the mask is on, a scalp massage to help you relax. 

The skin is then nourished and a complimentary eyebrow

tidy completes the treatment.

an hour of absolute bliss | 60mins $115
The facial begins with a brow shape, a deep cleanse

of your skin, exfoliation; a luxurious and relaxing

massage to soothe and destress. We then custom blend

a mask to suit your skin type, while this is on,your therapist will perform a devine head massage.  To complete the facial we finish with moisturiser and eye cream.

villa delux facial | 75mins $125
Our signature treatment, this deluxe facial is customised to suit your skin.  Starting with a back massage, the therapist will then cleanse, exfoliate, select a specialised booster mask, then perform a facial massage, hydration and a complimentary eyebrow shape.  You will leave feeling refreshed and glowing.

circadia firming peptide | 75mins $150
Antioxidants are proven to stimulate the body's natural cellular defence mechanism to fight free radicals of all types that attack the cells, causing ageing, pigmentation, sunspots, fine lines and poor skin health.

SWITCH circadia repair | 75mins $170
The ultimate anti-aging treatment, a specialised chemical treatment that forces the skin to repair from within without damaging the surface, stimulating the cells that create collagen.  4-6 treatments recommended for incredible results.

oxygen Rx treatment | 60mins $150
Oxygen is essential to life, it is a critical skin nutrient that keeps the skin looking young and healthy.  Great for all skin types, but extremely beneficial for Acne, Rosacea, Telangiectasia and Sun-damaged skin. It has antibacterial properties, increases skin function by stimulating fibroblast cell activity to produce more collagen and elastin. Its lightening and vaso-constricting capabilities give instant results for Rosacea.


microdermabrasion express | 30 mins $80
microdermabrasion facial with LED light therapy |  45 mins $125
LED light therapy add on to any Facial | 20-30 mins $35
LED light therapy single treatment (stand alone) | 20-30 mins $60


Concession card available, please note that all our microdermabrasion includes a cleanse, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, mask, boosters, serums and nourishment.

Microdermabrasion resurfaces the skin by gently removing

the outer skin layer promoting a vibrant, softer and

glowing skin.  

This process removes dead skin cells and encourages

circulation to the treated skin resulting in improved skin

and promoting cell renewal. It is suitable for all ages, and

both women and men.

Microdermabrasion dramatically improves the texture and

appearance of facial skin and will treat a wide range of skin problems, concerns, and skin colours, safely and effectively. Just like physical health and fitness, skin must be exercised to keep it looking younger. A true skin fitness programme will stimulate skin cells to regenerate more efficiently and effectively.

Your treatment will be performed by one of our internationally qualified beauty experts, using this superior medical grade machine and professional only products. 

light therapy using the power of LED light

NASA scientists have shown that particular wavelengths of LED light therapy have positive effects on the body's ability to regenerate and repair tissue.  At The Villa, we use the Aduro Professional LED Mask, which we can treat with 7 difference light waves, and target specific areas.

Red 620-630nm          Anti-aging: combats wrinkles and increases collagen production for

                                      smoother, younger looking skin.          

Blue 465-470nm         Anti-acne: eliminates acne causing bacteria and reduces acne.

Green 515-525nm      Skin Balancer: helps even skin complexion for naturally beautiful skin.

Yellow 565-590nm     Reduce redness: alleviates redness from inflammation, sunburns and                                                 rosacea

Orange 600-610nm   Revitalization: promotes a bright glow for more radiant skin. Adds vitality                                           to dull, lifeless complexions.

Cyan 500-520nm       Skin soother: calms and soothes irritated skin and reduces the size of

                                     swollen capillaries.

Purple 400-420nm     Cell rejuvenation: increases cell regeneration and renewal.


The power of touch is often missing in our busy lives.  Massage restores balance and

well-being, releases muscular tension and allows your body to move with greater ease. 

It counters the effects of stress, anxiety and lack of rest and facilitates the flow of energy.

back, neck & shoulder massage | 30 minutes $65
A soothing swedish massage with Pure Fiji Nourishing Oil to help relieve
muscular tension in the head, neck and shoulders.

full body massage | 1 hour $100
This full body relaxation swedish massage increases circulation, relieves
muscle tension and promotes a state of deep relaxation.

Hot Stones Massage | 1 hour $120

A massage with hot and warm stones melting away tension and soothing tired muscles. A divine relaxation experience.

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